Plus Music. The simple way to listen on the web.

Discover Anywhere.
Browse the web for artists
you want to listen to
Instant Music.
Plus Music finds and plays tracks
for you in the background
Easy Access.
Control playback from the browser.
No more switching apps or tabs.
Try it now. It's free & installs in seconds!
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Supercharge music on Facebook
Artist Recognition
Plus Music knows when you’re on an Official Band Page and lets you listen with one click.
Similar Artists
Remember jumping from band to band on Myspace? Plus Music adds this to Facebook.
Universal Remote
Quickly and easily control playback from the Facebook interface.
Easy Sharing
Plus Music helps you find and attach songs to share, without leaving Facebook
Enjoy faster listening
Powerful Search
When you want to hear a band, don’t worry about where or how, Plus Music finds it for you in the background.
Instant Satisfaction
Right-click a band name, anywhere on the web, and Plus Music will play you a mix, without you leaving the page.
Smart Suggestions
As you listen, Plus Music recommends more bands, based on what you’ve searched for.
With all the bells and whistles
Scrobble to
Does it scrobble? You bet it does!
Share full tracks
Because friends deserve more than just samples
Explore the Artist
One click to all their profiles across the interwebs
Create a Mix
Queue up multiple bands, turn on shuffle, and enjoy
No signup required. Get it from the Google Chrome Webstore Free Install